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Why van Zijl geraniums

Fa. P. van Zijl & Zn. is a family business that has specialized in growing both hanging and standing geraniums for over 30 years.

We are also known as van Zijl geraniums.

Our company is located in ‘s-Gravenzande on a total area of 3.5 hectares.

All our geraniums are grown in an environmentally conscious way and have the MPS-A and MPS-GAP certificate.

High quality:

Van Zijl Geraniums is known for the top quality of our hanging and standing geraniums. Our plants are carefully grown and meet the highest standards, which means they bloom beautifully for a long time.

Environmentally conscious

We are proud of our environmentally conscious cultivation methods. Our geraniums are MPS-GAP certified, which means that we attach great importance to sustainability and strive for a positive impact on the environment.

Family business with Passion

As a family business with more than 60 years of experience, we share a genuine passion for plants. Our team strives every day to convert this love for flowers into the most beautiful geraniums for our customers.


In Bloom for decades: With 30+ years of experience in geranium cultivation! Discover the wonderful results of our many years of dedication to growing beautiful geraniums.

Our product range

Hanging geranium

The pelargonium peltatum is the classic trailing geranium which we grow in both single and double stems.

Standing geranium

The pelargonium zonale is a richly flowering patio, balcony and garden plant. We grow this in many colors.


In addition to our main crop of geraniums, we also grow osteospermums, cyclamen, anemones and calocephalus.